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One Mississippi Season One

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Tig has lost her boobs to cancer
but I have lost my heart to this show Tig Notaro rose to fame over night after the release of her first comedy special about her mother's sudden death and her own breast cancer. Which are basically the main themes of the show, since it is a semi-autobiographical show about the return to her old home town after her mother died. There, Tig has to deal with her caring, but solemn stepfather, her lazy brother, who still lives at his parent's house and all the crazy town's people.
With the rise of shows like Seinfeld in the 90s, modern T.V. shows began to be more cynical. Without a happy end in every episode, they started questioning moral and social constructs but without giving answers. In the last decade this started to change with shows like "Parks and Recreation", "Derek" and now "One Mississippi". But they still don't shy away from the problems that our society has while also giving an answer, which may sound somewhat kitschy, that is to love …

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